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Friday, November 27, 2020

Girl's night in

I miss my girls. I think it's time to reconnect. I want to plan an amazing girl's night in party. I prefer that type of party since I am an introvert. I love to go all out for these events and make it feel luxurious.  We have been texting with each other and said that we should have a get together but we never do it even before the corona virus. 

Ladies' Night

Ladies night doesn't have to be a thing of the past. Things have changed since the Corona Virus. There is a new normal on how you hang out and big crowds in public have become discouraged. You can still hang out with your besties in a safe environment and still have fun. It can actually be more rewarding having a safe, personal environment with the girl's you care about. You can have a deeper connection with the girls instead of trying to have a speaking contest with the DJ at the bar or nightclub.

Let's get to planning a girl's night that your girls will not forget. Get the Karaoke machine, board games, drinks, food, music, and spa material out. We are going to create a spectacular girl's that any club cannot compete with.  


First, we are going to think of a theme and gather all of the decorations on the theme. We could have a breakfast at Tiffany's theme, a decade's theme, or a costume party. There are plethora of other options you can decide. Get the decorations, props, and serving material's together. 

You can choose to do it virtually with a Netflix watch party if you don't feel safe to have company over or if your company doesn't feel safe going over to people's house and you want to include all of your girl's in the girl's night.

Create a selfie station so you can take pictures to remember the night. You can use those photo's for your next hangout to create an artsy event and use the photos for scrapbooking. 


Plan the girl's night in advance. Create an invitation that asks for their menu options, ask them to choose the theme and assign a secret bestie if you want to do a gift exchange.

Gift/Goody bags

Make it cheap and cute to give the feeling like you're kids again. Create a gift bag with EOS lip balm, candy, cards, miniature liquor bottles. 

Girl's Spa/Makeover

Make spa time special. Light up the candles, play peaceful music, set the atmosphere and get in your robes and slippers as you enjoy your spa. Get your face masks together, have a face roller to massage in the creams (have them bring them bring their own or if you can afford. Amazon has some for a low price), sanitary items such as Q-Tips, cotton balls and face pads, Make spa water in a big jug. It's facial time! I love doing the whole skincare regimen. This method is more advanced because it's spa day.
  1. cleanse
  2. face mask
  3. scrub
  4. generous amount of serum and roll it on to face
  5. Generous amount of eye cream and massage into eyes
  6. Add some oil on the top of the face
You can read my article about night skin regimen to get an idea of what you want to do 

Grab some nail polish and items to do a mani/pedi event. Tell the girls to bring over their favorite makeup and you can share makeup tips and tricks. What do you keep in your makeup bag?


Setting up the food station is my favorite part! I love to bake and be creative. The girls might want to bring their favorite food to share with the group their taste. Create a long table setting with drinks, snacks and finger food. You can create an ice cream bar, s'mores area, drink station where they can mix their favorite drinks. 

The next morning, provide well balanced breakfast with mimosa's. My favorite brunch food is French toast casserole.


I love watching romantic comedy movies with the girls. They are the best to watch with them. My favorite movie is confessions of a shopaholic.  I also love horror movies as well. I love the classic slasher movies like Freddy Kreuger, Pinhead, Chucky, Jason, Michael, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. Right now we are into Christmas movies.

I want to do a special event for my readers. Let's have an online girl's night and connect. We can create our favorite dishes and share recipes and we can watch a movie as a group.

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What are you going to plan for your get together?


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What I am thankful for

Hello, lovelies! I hope that everybody is continuing to stay safe. Spend time with your families. We are changing our lives to adapt to the changes and we can make it work. There is no need to sacrifice the good things in life like the special times we have with the ones we love.

Holidays are coming and it's more important to enjoy the time with the family. We can take note on what's going on so we can enjoy the simpler times about the holidays. Enjoy baking your favorite foods with your love ones, keeping warm and cozy, thinking about the special times you have with the ones that you care about and recreate that. Remember, to mean it and think of something truly special when you are sitting at the table saying what you are truly thankful for. 

Look at the people sitting at the table with you during thanksgiving. These are the important people in your life. Think about a good experience you had with each of these people and cherish those moments. Sometimes we forget about what is important especially when we only think about the bad experiences. Sadly, we are only thinking about the negative about them and we forget how important they are until it's too late. I want to try to inspire appreciation, gratefulness and more quality time. We don't have to wait until the holidays start to enjoy quality family time. Host a family game night, make dinner and invite your loved ones over or invite them to meet you at a restaurant for a small catch up. 

We never know how long we have with our loved ones so we should appreciate the time we have. Every day is a missed opportunity when we don't spend with them. I had a second chance with someone important to me when someone I loved almost died. The incident did change her and she is not able to do all the things that she used to be able to do but now I dont care if we can't go for our hikes together. Sitting with her and enjoying some coffee together is good enough for me. She does try to argue more and I am sympathetic towards her situation because I know it's part of her new medical issue. Fighting with her and my pride is not important.  It's the time and many years I am able to spend with her because of the second chance I have with her.

I learn that each moment with the people I care about is valuable and I will not waste it on menial things that would drive the people away. What I am thankful for is time. Each second i have with the people I care about, reconnecting with old acquaintances,  meeting new people to add to my heart, being forgiven by those that I have hurt and forgiving those that have hurt me. What I am not thankful for is my pride. I will not let it get in the way and allow my pride waste my time by trying to be right when I can easily move on and just hug them. 

Try to ask yourself if it worth the loss of time the next time you are not speaking with a loved one due to a disagreement.  Yes, I agree that sometimes we need to express our hurt and anger. There's a right way to do it without losing them. Sit them down and have a heart to heart and don't let the bad things lead to regret one day.

This above is a message to myself and anyone else who needed to hear it. I like to thank everyone who took the time to read this letter to myself. I would love to hear your best experiences you had with loved ones or about second chances that you had. I wanted to open up about love and loss during this time. I had someone who I cared about deeply who I almost lost and I am glad I didn't lose her and have more time with her. 

The situation had made her mean and vindictive but I try to remind myself I can actually lose her any time. I also try to sympathize with her and am working on overlooking the things she says. Sometimes it can be so hard and frustrating especially if our other friends don't overlook what she says when she gets them mad at me. We lost touch because of this but then we reconnected because I realized that time is more valuable. I talk to our friends and we agree that we will no longer jump to conclusions. I decided to fix the situation and move on. She is so precious to me and we do have our good times. The good times happens more than usual because I create them instead of dwelling on the hurt. It has never been better.

What are you thankful for?


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Monday, November 23, 2020

Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe

I bought the Glow Recipe as an add on from Boxy Charm. You can buy products through the BoxyCharm Add on when you are subscribed to their monthly Subscription for only $25 and purchase these products for a discounted price.

I like to switch up my night creams and serums. My skin changes with the environment and weather and needs certain ingredients, texture or benefits. It's also good to change your products up because your skin will start to build up a resistance if you continue to use the same products all of the time. 

I have been falling in the with the Glow recipe line. Their products are delicious for my skin. I have been trying different face masks. The first mask I tried was the watermelon mask. I remember trying it a year ago at Sephora and I just loved it. It was a lightweight gel like texture. It just absorbs into my skin. 

I have recently fell in love with another one of their face masks. The avocado Retinol sleeping mask is a gem. The texture is thick and luxurious. It melts into my skin as I apply all over my face and neck. Of course, I wanted to try other Glow Recipe products and this brand never ceases to amaze me. 

I love the thick rich texture. I always look for a night cream that will make me wake up with radiant, soft skin. This ingredient has retinol but in a more gentle formula. It will help hydrate, smooth and give your skin a radiant glow. It's good for all skin types more ideal for dry skin. Winter is coming so I am stocking up on my winter skincare. 

    • Hydrate
    • Smooth
    • Radiance
    • Provides nourishment


The whole glow recipe line is amazing with products that provide great results. I am obsessed with the ingredients, the textures, benefits and the smell of the products. I will definitely add more Glow Recipe products to my skincare collection.

What do you love about Glow Recipe?

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Holiday Shopping list

Warning: This post contains affiliate links and I do make a small commission if you make a small purchase using the links

Palais Des Thes Festive Tea Bag Holiday Assortment Gift Box

This tea assortment includes holiday blends, fan favorites and the 2020 limited-edition tea, offering a multitude of options for brewing the perfect cup. Tea Descriptions:- The des Tresors: The 2020 limited edition with irresistible caramelized fruit notes and slivered almonds- Black Tea n degree25: The essential Christmas black tea with a delicious blend of vanilla pods, almonds, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel and lemon zest- Green Tea n

Sugarfina Holiday Cravings 8-Piece Candy Bento Box. 

Satisfy any sugar craving with this eight-piece candy bento box that includes delicious holiday favorite flavors, making it the perfect festive gift.

Illume Mini Luxe Glass Scented Candle Holiday Trio. 
What it is: Perfect for gifting or just to spruce up any room in your house, this luxurious set of three votive candles features festive balsam and cedar scents. Fragrance story: Just in time for the holidays, this much-loved set of three candles is woody and aromatic. Notes:- Top: oak moss- Middle: cinnamon- Base: eucalyptus. 

Huxter Stars Happy Holidays Soap. 

What it is: An all-natural soap with added shea butter. What it does: Made with all-natural ingredients, Huxter bar soaps are sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Enriched with shea butter, the soap is triple milled for longevity and fragranced with fresh notes of basil, lime and mandarin. 

 Nest New York Holiday Reed Diffuser

What it is: A limited-edition diffuser crafted with quality fragrance oils that releases scent slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 90 days. Fragrance story: The quinessential aroma of the holiday season is created by blending pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber. Notes: Pomegrante, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, amber.

For the Luxury Gift Givers

What it is: A two-piece fragrance set featuring the scent of Libre-a reinvention of floral perfume-presented in a box for giving. Fragrance story: It combines lavender essence from France with the sensuality of Moroccan orange blossom for a unique floral fusion complemented by a daring note of musk accord. This fragrance of freedom is for those who do what they want and dare to be exactly who they are. Wrapped with the iconic YSL logo, the bottle

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxury Holiday Ritual Set

What it is: Experience legendary lifting and firming with top products from the Skin Caviar collection. What it does: Use this set to lift and firm the skin, to restore the appearance of elasticity and tone and to smoothe and refine your skin's texture. Set includes:- Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion (5 oz.)- Skin Caviar Liquid Lift (1.7 oz.)- Skin Caviar Luxe Cream (1.7 oz.)- Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream (0.68 oz.)- Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask

What it is: A set of five miniature eau de parfum carafes that is the perfect way to explore Kilian's most iconic fragrances. Set includes:- Good girl gone Bad Eau de Parfum: a narcotic uninhibited whirlwind of flowers with orange blossom and osmanthus- Straight to Heaven, white cristal Eau de Parfum: an overdose of rum that leads to artificial paradises, with notes of patchouli and nutmeg- Love, don't be shy Eau de Parfum: a sweet treat made

Yves Saint Laurent Holiday Couture Multi-Use Palette 
What it is: A limited-edition, multi-use jumbo palette with four smoky eyeshadows, four shimmery cheek and eye highlighters and two blushes. What it does: This palette is dressed up in a wild red-and-black feline pattern, edged in gold glitter and adorned with the brand's iconic logo. The soft-texture powder formulations inside allow for effortless application, blending seamlessly with no fallout to help you achieve customizable eye looks ranging

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold Holiday Kit

What it is: A moisturizing cleanser and conditioner that minimizes color fade for lasting color vibrancy. What it does: This trio helps to preserve hair color, vibrancy and shine. Set includes: - Infinite Color Hold Shampoo (8.5 oz.): gently cleanses hair and replenishes lost moisture- Infinite Color Hold Conditioner (8.5 oz.): uses Dual-Capture Complex to minimize color-fade and replenishes moisture, delivers lasting vibrancy and shine for up to

Lancome Absolu Rouge Holiday Edition
What it is: A limited-edition presentation of the fan-favorite L'Absolu Rouge, in a festive sparkling silver case for the holidays. What it does: Envelop your lips in rich, satiny color with this deeply hydrating lipstick. It's formulated with pro-xylane that keeps lips soft and comfortable plus vitamin E, which keeps lips safe from aggressors and promotes a healthier look and feel.

L'Occitane Holiday Advent Calendar

What it is: A limited-edition set filled with 24 irresistible beauty products to help you count down to the holidays. Set includes:- Immortelle Precious Cream (0.17 oz.)- Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lip Balm (0.13 oz.)- Rose Hand Cream (0.34 oz.)- Almond Shower Oil (1.6 oz.)- Shea Light Comforting Cream (0.17 oz.)- Almond Body Milk (1.6 oz.)- Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (0.35 oz.)- Aromachologie 5 Essentials Oils Shampoo (1.1 oz.)- Aqua Reotier Ultra

Bobbi Brown Holiday Wish List Deluxe Collection 

What it is: A limited-edition box filled with this seasons quintessential makeup, with packaging decked out in wintry watercolors by Cecilia Carlstedt. Set includes:- Full-size Cranberry Essentials Eye Palette (0.2 oz.)- Full-size Smokey Eye Mascara (0.2 oz.)- Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate Truffle (0.01 oz.)- Full-size Angled Eyeshadow Brush- Full-size Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss in In the Buff (0.2 oz.)- Full-size Illuminating

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